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Piasini Engineering V4.1 Master

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Piasini Engineering V4.1 MASTER JTAG - BDM - K-line - L-line - RS232 - CAN-BUS read/write programmer Windows 2000/XP Checksum correction for Mitsubishi/ Denso/ Hitachi Server on-line updates and security survey New Ecus implementation free of charge Functions of Piasini Engineering V4.1 MASTER: Cars: Denso-Mitsubishi Denso-Nissan Denso-Suzuki Denso-Jaguar Hitachi-Nissan Keihi-Honda EFI-Lotus EFI-Lamborghini Motorcycles: Denso-Suzuki Denso-kawasaki Mitsubishi-Yamaha Keihi-Honda Simens-Renault Denso-Subaru Mitsubishi Mitsubishi-Mazda Denso-Volvo Denso-Mazda Denso-Reanault Transtron Denso-Opel Mitsubishi-Opel Toolbox Serial Toolbox C16x


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