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BMW Scanner 1.36

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Main Functions [FIND UNITS] -scanning installed units with reading identification data and malfunction codes [CLEAR ERRORS] -reset fault codes in all of found units [ERRORS DETAILS] -detail info about malfunction codes [READ MEMORY] -reading unit software memory [READ EEPROM] -reading EEPROM in units: IKE, LCM, ZKE, SRS, LEW, A/C, VID, BMBT, STH, AIC... [WRITE EEPROM] -writing EEPROM in same units [ERRORS] -reading detail info and reset malfunction codes in selected unit [RESET UNIT] -unit software reset [WRITE FGSTNR] -identification number writing [WRITE ADFG] -more identification data writing [ODOMETER CORRECT] -writing new mileage value to IKE & LCM units [SAVED ODOMETER] -reading more detail info about mileage from IKE & EGS units [SERVICE RESET] -IKE service reset [CHANGE LANGUAGE] -changing language of main computer messages GE/EN/FR/IT [FACTORY DEFAULTS] -factory defaults reset of IKE & LCM (for cars till 1999 year) [COPY CODING] -base coding copying IKE to EWS or EWS to IKE units [TV FUNCTIONS] -"video on when driving" setting in VID unit [READ KEY] -reading ignition keys data from EWS unit [ADAPTATION LEW] -steering wheel sensor (LEW) adaptation [REGISTER HANDSET] -new handset register to TEL (BIT2) unit


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